The Birth Place of Coffee

In 6th century Ethiopia, a goatherdernamed Kaldi stumbled upon his wandering flock as they sampled berries from nearby bushes. Ordinarily sluggish, his goats had an unusual amount of energy. After tasting several seeds himself, Kaldi discovered that the berries were the cause of the increased energy. It wasn’t long before coffee beans and their stimulating effect traveled far and wide.

Ethiopian Coffee Exporters Association (ECEA)

ECEA is established half a century ago, is one of the prominent business association in the country with the prime objective of promoting Ethiopia Coffee in the world market; it provides different services to its members and serves as a focal institution for a working and business relationship between the government and its members and Ethiopian coffee importers. Has currently 213 members out of which around 190 members are active exporters that cover over 85% of the country’s coffee export share in terms of value and volume; and is a member of Specialty Coffee Association (SCA).Specialty Coffee Association of Japan (SCAJ) and Africa Fine Coffee Association (AFCA).