The Ethiopian Coffee Exporters Association/ECEA/ was established in 1969 with the primary objective of fostering the effort of an individual coffee exporters to scale up the coffee export of the country. Currently, it comprises around 258 members from all top exporters to small scale producers, commercial farmers and mainstream coffee traders which takeover 90% of the coffee export market share of the country. As most of you are well aware, Ethiopia is an agrarian country in which coffee predominantly influences the economic development of the country and livelihood of about 25% of the total population.

Ethiopia is the largest coffee producer and exporter in Africa. Coffee is the most important commercial crop of the country. Ethiopian coffee is unique for its very nature of its distinct cup profile influenced by, among other things, altitude ranges from 1400-2200m ASL. Ethiopian coffee producers never use fertilizer and chemicals for the sake of increasing production. As a result, it bears organic and different certificates like Rain Forest Alliance, UTZ, Fair Trade (FLO), Café Practice.

The Ethiopian Coffee Exporters Association has, so far, undertaken various activities in line with the duties and responsibilities it is entrusted with. It has been playing a very important role in the efforts to substantially increase the production of world standard quality coffee so as to effectively exploit its immense potential it is endowed with.

I am excited and honored to be president of the Association for the coming years. We strive to create conducive business environment and enabling conditions to widen the playing ground of coffee marketing across the globe. In view of this, I would like to underscore the newly elected Board of Directors unwavering commitment to undertake different ways and means expeditiously in an attempt to satisfy our members business interest in congruent with the country’s policies and strategies.

In conclusion, I, cordially request esteemed members of the Association to fully commit their obligations as per the recently adopted bylaw of the Association. We are open to your suggestion, comments, questions and concerns.


Wish you a sustainable and successful business performance!!!